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MHAW Challenge FAQs

MHAW Social Media Challenge FAQs

  • Why is it not called the ‘MHAW Photo Challenge’ anymore?
    Our MHAW challenge has always been about encouraging people to do things for their wellbeing, but sometimes people have been more focused on taking the perfect photo. This year we really wanted to emphasise that it’s just about doing the wellbeing action each day and documenting it. Feel free to get creative, but there is no pressure to be picture-perfect!

  • Do the photos have to be taken on the day they are posted?
    No, we have no way of knowing when you took the photos. However, we do hope most people who take part in the competition do so with a goal of connecting through kōrero today and expect most entries will be taken on the day or close to it.

  • Is there an age limit for competition entries?
    You must be the minimum age for the social media platform you are using to be eligible to enter this competition. The age limit for Instagram and Twitter is 13 years old. There is no maximum age.

  • How many winners will there be?
    There will be five or six winners in total (one winner each day, plus or the Grand Prize winner). Winners will be contacted and will receive their prize at the end of the event. All winners will be chosen by MHF staff.

  • What’s the judging criteria?
    Along with the rules that are mentioned under ‘how does it work?’, we’ll be keeping an eye out for creative photos and interesting interpretations of each day’s theme in the caption!

  • How do I get involved?
    You must post your photo on social media (Instagram or Twitter) on the relevant day to each daily challenge. You're welcome to post on multiple social media platforms, but it won’t increase your chance of winning.
    When you post your photo, you need to use the hashtag #MHAWNZ. You can tag the MHF page too, but this is not a requirement. Please make sure your profile is public. If your profile is not public, the MHF won't be able to see your image and you won't be eligible to win.

  • Do I have to use the hashtag?
    Yes, only photos that use the correct hashtag #MHAWNZ will be eligible to win.

  • How will I know my photo has been seen?
    We will have MHF staff members searching through the hashtag every day to ensure we see every entry. We can’t promise to like or comment on every entry but we are conducting this competition in good faith and will judge every photo entered.

  • How do I find out about the daily themes?
    Register for Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) updates and we’ll send you a daily reminder. The MHF will be posting the next day’s theme every day on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can also view the daily themes in the MHAW Guide.

  • How do I make my post or profile public?
    Instagram: How to make your Instagram public and detailed information around Instagram privacy settings.
    Twitter: How to make your Tweets public or private and how to make your Twitter account public.

  • What if I miss a day, or get the themes mixed up?
    You don’t have to post every day to be eligible to win a daily prize! You can only win a daily prize if your entry aligns with the theme of the day AND is posted on the correct day. Don’t worry if you miss a day – start again tomorrow!

  • Will all photos with #MHAWNZ be voted on by the community?
    No. We encourage you to post your favourite photo each day. The MHF will choose the winners.

  • What if I just want to do the MHAW Challenge for fun?
    Fun is key to this challenge! If you'd rather not enter the competition and keep your photos private, we would still love you to take part by sharing your snaps with whānau and friends.

  • Why can’t I enter on Facebook?
    Every year, judging entries on Facebook has been a real challenge for us, as Facebook does not allow searching by tagging or hashtag in the same way as Instagram or Twitter. Our judges spent long hours trying to ensure we saw all entries, but often we couldn’t see or acknowledge people’s entries due to their individual settings. This year, to make it fair to everyone (including our judges!), have decided that we cannot allow entries from Facebook. You can set up an Instagram or Twitter profile just for this competition!
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