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Slice of Youth – Youth Connect Edition


Christchurch Youth Council is teaming up with Hurunui Youth Council and Youth Voice Canterbury to run a special edition Slice of Youth event! We're running this Slice of Youth in the style of a Youth Connect, bringing together young people from both the community and various organisations to catch up, reflect on the stresses we go through during this tumultous period, and take the opportunity to network.

Monday, 10 October is the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, and we are acutely aware of our wellbeing at this time of the year. Mental health carries a stigma which needs to be removed, so let's have an open discussion regarding mental health, how we treat it, and learn some top tips about how to care for your wellbeing.

Inspired by Coffee and Jam by Ministry of Awesome, Slice of Youth is a networking event for young people to find their passion. Our vision is for Slice of Youth to present an opportunity for rangatahi to listen to inspiring people doing fantastic things in their community, mix and mingle with fascinating people and organisations, and get involved in whatever they're passionate about!

The all important part of having your say and finding out more is through our shout out session, a 20 second spot to shout out your opportunity, or what you're currently looking for in your project/organisation/general life. This is not just limited to the theme of the evening, and all opportunities are welcome!

With plenty of mingling time, and food, there is a chance for everyone to have their questions answered, find something to get involved in, and making great connections with inspiring people. This isn't just open to young people, anyone who has an opportunity is welcome to come along to do a shout out and network. Don't have something to shout out? No worries, come along to listen and learn!

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The 5 natural ways

Five natural ways to wellbeing


Me Whakawhanaunga 

Connecting with nature is great for you! The beauty is in how simple it can be. Remember if you can’t get outside, you can always bring the outdoors in.


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Nature provides, it gives everything needed to not only survive, but thrive. Here’s some cool ways you can give back to nature:


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Take notice

 Me aro tonu

It's common to go about your daily life, oblivious to your natural environment. Take some time to be mindful of what’s happening around you.


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Keep learning

Me ako tonu

There’s always something new to learn and discover when you interact with nature:


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Be active

Me kori tonu

Getting outside exposure and exercising is good for your overall health and wellbeing, plus it strengthens you connection with nature:


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