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Planning, Permissions and Land Team Outing


Twenty-five staff from the Department of Conservation based in Christchurch are heading out of the office for a day to Quail Island where we are exchanging our office clothes for old working clothes, helping the Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust with jobs on the island to preserve, beautify and taking a break at midday to layback and relax in the great outdoors enjoying nature.

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The 5 natural ways

Five natural ways to wellbeing


Me Whakawhanaunga 

Connecting with nature is great for you! The beauty is in how simple it can be. Remember if you can’t get outside, you can always bring the outdoors in.


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Nature provides, it gives everything needed to not only survive, but thrive. Here’s some cool ways you can give back to nature:


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Take notice

 Me aro tonu

It's common to go about your daily life, oblivious to your natural environment. Take some time to be mindful of what’s happening around you.


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Keep learning

Me ako tonu

There’s always something new to learn and discover when you interact with nature:


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Be active

Me kori tonu

Getting outside exposure and exercising is good for your overall health and wellbeing, plus it strengthens you connection with nature:


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